Weber® Experience

In summer 2011, for the first time, Weber® – the world’s most popular barbecue brand – took its unrivalled barbecuing expertise on the road, educating the nation about how to barbecue the Weber® way.

The Weber® Experience BBQ Roadshow is back in 2013 and will be travelling around the UK and Republic of Ireland visiting some of the countries’ most stunning locations.

2013 is an exciting year for the Weber® Experience, as reigning barbecue king Dan Cooper is joined by Weber®’s newest chef Richard Holden. Dan and Richard will once again be wowing audiences with food they had never thought possible on a barbecue. Barbecuing isn’t just about burgers and sausages, with Weber®’s unique ‘roast’, ‘grill’ and ‘bake’ techniques, you can cook almost anything. The dates and venues are up on the Weber® Experience website now, with more being added soon.

Dan had a great time on the Roadshow in 2012 and can’t wait to get on the road in 2013. Once again he’ll be keeping a diary of his travels, noting funny situations he faces along the way. To read Dan’s blogs, click here.

Our website is full of photos, blogs from the roadshow, event dates and much more.

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