Introducing a fuel revolution

One ingredient is more important than any other for a successful barbecue – the briquette. Based on the wishes of barbecue fans, Weber® has created a new, innovative briquette. Despite being absolutely essential for the perfect barbecue, the briquette is often an understated element. Over a period of two years we have been working hard to create the perfect briquette, one that is reliable and satisfies the demands of barbecue fans. Finally, there is a real alternative to dusty coals that heat up and glow unevenly.

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The all new Weber Briquette

Briquette 2kg

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Briquette 4kg

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Briquette 8kg

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The Weber® Briquette Up Close


Thanks to its size and shape, the new briquettes will be glowing and barbecue ready in less than 20 minutes.

100% Natural

The Weber® Briquette is made of carbonised wood, starch and water.

The Weber® Briquette Up Close


The briquettes deliver a consistent high heat for up to 3 hours, making them perfect for grilling steaks or roasting joints.

Weather protected

Our new and improved packaging features a resealable zip to keep your briquettes dry, even in the toughest conditions.

Engineered for perfect grilling

Engineered for perfect grilling

The Weber® Briquette is made from 100% untreated wood remains from the furniture industry. Our production process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we always obtain our wood from local sources to ensure that the transport routes are as short as possible. The chopped wood is carbonised and then ground into powder. During the binding process, we add water and starch as a binding agent for the cohesion of the briquettes. The briquette is pressed under a pressure of up to 50 tons. This gives the briquette its characteristic shape. They are then packed in our recycled, water repellent, resealable bags. This responsible and sustainable production produces briquettes with our future generations in mind.

How to use the Weber® Briquettes

The Weber® Master-Touch® Removable Ash Pan

1 / Prepare

Remove the cooking grate from the barbecue. If possible, you can hang it on the edge of the bowl. Make sure that the vent in the bottom of the barbecue is fully open to optimise the flow.

Weber® Briquettes in a Rapidfire® Chimney Starter

2 / Fill

Place the Rapidfire® Chimney Starter on the charcoal grate and fill it with the briquettes. See our handy temperature guide below to determine how full your chimney starter should be.

Weber® Lighter Cubes being lit

3 / Ignite

Place 2 or 3 lighter cubes on the charcoal grate. Light them and place the Rapidfire® Chimney Starter on top of them. Position the steering metal handle on the edge of the barbecue.

The Weber® Briquettes burning in a chimney starter

4 / Wait

Wait for approximately 20 minutes, until the flames are visible at the top of the briquettes.

Emptying the briquettes from the chimney starter into the barbecue

5 / Pour

Using barbecue gloves, pour the briquettes out onto the charcoal grate or into Char-Baskets / fuel dividers. To achieve an even optimal heat, make sure to divide the briquettes so those at the top and bottom of the Rapidfire® Chimney Starter are spread evenly.

Temperature guide

The more you use the Weber® Briquette, the more you’ll love it. You’ll also be able to see exactly how much fuel you use. This depends on various factors, including the weather, the food you are grilling and of course, the type of fuel you are using. Here is a rough guide but remember that the temperature will drop a bit once you add food to the grate, particularly if it’s a big roast.

Please note, the guide is based on the Weber® Briquette – guidelines and other types of fuel may vary.

Temperature guide

Cook a 3-course meal with one chimney starter of Weber® briquettes

Forget the hassle of lighting and topping up your barbecue. Our new briquettes make it so easy to create a 3-course meal on your Weber®. Our briquettes take just 20 minutes to light and delivers a consistent heat for over 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to create a culinary masterpiece.

Cook a 3-course meal
Man opening Weber® Briquette Packaging

The packaging

The new and improved premium packaging solves all your briquette storage issues. It is made of recycled, water-repellent materials and with an innovative closure, you are able to keep the briquettes dry and reseal the bag over and over again.

Easy to pour

The bag is equipped with a handle that makes it easy to carry. The choice of weights also reduces the hassle when you need to bring you new Weber® Briquettes home from the store. For an easier experience, you’ll also find all the lighting tips and tricks you need printed on each bag. This means you have everything you need to enjoy the perfect barbecue.