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During the colder days and longer nights of autumn and winter, it’s rather satisfying to stay at home, cosy up in the warmth and tuck into some comfort food. It’s also a great time of year to barbecue. The natural moisture in the air creates the perfect conditions to cook up succulent roasts, winter warmers and fabulous festive feasts. Cooking with the lid on means you can rustle up numerous mouth-watering dishes in the winter months. Then we suggest you escape back into the warmth and serve them up in the comfort of your home.


Relish a winter roast

A Sunday roast tastes so much better when it’s barbecued! We’ve designed a variety of handy accessories to cook up the perfect weekend meal.

Consistently Delicious

Lift your food off the cooking grate using the Weber® Premium Grill Rack to allow air to circulate fully around the meat, resulting in an evenly cooked and tender roast. For smaller barbecues, you can get the same great results using a Roasting Rack & Shield.


Perfect Poultry

For a succulent roast chicken like no other, fill the well of the Weber® Deluxe Poultry Roaster with liquid such as beer or wine, and you’ll steam cook the chicken from the inside. This versatile accessory can also be used for baking brownies and breads.


Stress Free Roasting

Our rotisseries deliver an unparalleled, flavoursome roast. The rotation of the spit cooks the meat evenly in its own juices. All you have to do is set it going and let the rotisserie do the hard work.



We’ve all got traditional, comforting dishes that remind us of home. Using our unique accessories, you can recreate those winter warmers on your barbecue.

Hearty Winter Meals

The Dutch Oven is extremely versatile and can be used for creating dishes such as casseroles, stews, soups and pies. Made of cast iron, it releases heat gradually, making it perfect for long, slow cooking.

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Fast, Hot and Fresh

The Cast Iron Wok heats up rapidly, making it fantastic for caramelising meat, fish and vegetables quickly. Ideal for stir-fries and chillies.

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Try cooking your festive meal a little differently this year. By cooking with the lid down and using our rotisserie accessories, you can provide the family with a Christmas dinner to remember!

The Classic

Nothing says Christmas like a traditional roast turkey. Using our rotisserie, the meat will self baste, giving you a new succulent take on this classic dish.

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A Twist

If you’re going to try something a little different this Christmas then use our rotisserie and this roasted ham recipe for delicious meat, coated in a crispy skin.

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