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Take the guesswork out of barbecuing

Serving excellent food has never been easier. The iGrill thermometer tells you exactly when your food is ready to come off the barbecue. Connecting to your android or iOS smartphone and tablet via bluetooth, the thermometer pairs with our iGrill app to show you the real-time temperature of your food. It even notifies you when your food is ready to come off the barbecue, allowing you to relax, and spend more time with your friends and family.


made simple

Get Your Grill On

To start cooking with our exciting iGrill simply insert the probe into the food you want to track. On the app, select the kind of meat or recipe you’re cooking and leave the iGrill next to your barbecue. Done!

Now Relax

With a range of up to 45m you can leave the barbecue, get back to your guests and enjoy their company. Or simply sit down and sip your drink while your food is cooking. You can keep an eye on the temperature of your food on your smartphone or simply wait for the alert that tells you your food is ready.

Cooked how you desire

Whether you like your steak cooked rare, well done or something inbetween, with iGrill you can select to have it cooked exactly as you want it. No more cutting into your meat to check it’s cooked!

Designed by the pros

Built for everyone


Welcome to connected barbecuing

The Weber iGrill app is your central dashboard for your smartphone or tablet, providing you with useful digital grilling tools.

Whatever You’re Grilling

Select pre-set alarms for a variety of food. From medium rare steaks to a leg of lamb, it’s all there. Plus, you can also create alarms and customise them for your favourite personal recipes. This can even be used to make sure your barbecue’s ambient temperature stays within a certain range when you smoke meat. Use the range setting and customise your min/max temperature alarms.

Obsess All You Want

It is up to you how deep you dive into your temperature tracking. Track the current temperature of multiple probes on the dashboard or get an in-depth view of a single probe and view a chart of it’s exact temperature progression.

connect multiple igrill probes

Depending on the iGrill model, you can connect up to four probes to track more than one piece of meat at once. And if you’re cooking low n’ slow and want to ensure that you’re keeping the barbecue at a constant low heat, then connect an Ambient Pro Probe to measure the temperature inside the barbecue.

Get Social With Your iGrill

We all love making people jealous of the food we serve up. Take a picture of your iGrill masterpiece on the barbecue or smoker and share to Facebook and Twitter with your Weber iGrill App. Your picture will be shown to the iGrill community across the globe.

Find the right iGrill

for you

For the social barbecuer

Weber® iGrill Mini

Impress your friends and family every time and never over or uncook your food again with this pocket sized thermometer. The LED light on the front changes from red through to green, indicating how close your food is to being ready.

• Single probe

• Smart LED Temperature Indicator

• Magnetic Mounting

• Up to 150 hours battery life

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For the Experienced Griller

Weber® iGrill 2

With the ability to connect up to four probes at once, this thermometer enables you to monitor multiple pieces of meat at the same time.

• Monitor up to 4 probes

• Illuminated temperature display

• Magnetic Mounting

• Up to 200 hours battery life

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For Genesis® II owners

Weber® iGrill 3

Installing directly into the side table of the Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX, the iGrill 3 comes with two probes but has the capcity to connect up to four and monitor your steak, chicken or roast all at one time.

• 250 hours of cooking

• 150ft Bluetooth Smart Range

• Monitor up to 4 probes

• Remotely control the burner knob lights

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For the pros

Weber® iGrill Pro Meat Probe

This Pro Meat Probe is specifically designed for precision temperature tracking with the iGrill. It measures between -30°C and 327°C with a length of 1.2m and is designed for incredibly accurate and confident barbecuing and smoking. Every Pro Meat Probe includes a probe wrap, which is used to neatly coil it when not grilling.

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For cooking low n’ slow

Weber® Ambient Pro Meat Probe
When cooking low n’ slow you want to ensure that you’re keeping the barbecue at a constant low heat. The Ambient Pro Probe measures the temperature inside the barbecue so you can track it and make sure your meat is cooking at the correct rate.

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