Jumbo Joe®


If you want a larger portable charcoal barbecue the Jumbo Joe® is perfect for you. This barbecue comes with a generous  1735cm² cooking area.

The Jumbo Joe® also comes with a Tuck-Away™ lid holder to hold the lid in place during transport and allow you to use it as windshield whilst cooking. The large ash catcher doubles as a heat shield and prevents the ground burning.

RRP £99.99/ €129.99

Key features of Jumbo Joe® barbecue
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Large 47cm triple-plated cooking grate
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Weather-proof handle with protective heat shield.
  • Tuck-Away™ lid holder locks the lid for carrying and lowers to double as a lid holder.
  • Rust-proof aluminium vents provide the proper airflow for the perfect barbecuing.
  • Fire and rust resistant lid and bowl are made from steel and porcelain-enamel coated inside and out. This makes them weather-proof and extremely durable.
  • Large 47cm triple-plated cooking grate.
  • Removable aluminium ash catcher also acts as a heat shield to protect surfaces.
  • Charcoal measuring cup.
  • H - 50cm
  • W - 50cm
  • D - 52cm
  • Cooking area - 1735cm²/269in²
  • Bowl and lid - 10 years.
  • Handle - 10 years.
  • Charcoal grate and cooking grate - 2 years.
  • All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) - 2 years.
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February 13, 2013

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