Smokey Mountain Cooker 57CM

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Inject exciting flavours into your cooking with this distinct Smokey Mountain Cooker.

The Smokey Mountain Cooker is perfect for ‘low and slow barbecuing’ and hot smoking.

RRP £449.00/ €599.00

Article No. 731004

Key Features

  • Low 'n' slow gives you tender results every time.
  • Lid mounted thermometer to check the temperature at a glance.
  • Two triple-plated cooking grate resists acidity and rust.

Fuel Type

Charcoal Charcoal

Available Colours:


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Features & Benefits

Low N slow cooking

Low 'n' slow

Cooking low 'n' slow means large pieces of meat can be cooked over long periods to give succulent, tender results every time.

Triple-Plated Grate

Triple-plated cooking grate resists acidity and rust, so not only are they easy to clean, they keep their looks too.

Lid Thermometer

With the lid mounted thermometer you can check the temperature inside the barbecue easily without lifting the lid.

Silicone Cap for Thermometer Probes

Silicone cap for thermometer probes

Check the internal temperature of your meat without removing the lid, so keeping the temperature constant

Water Pan

Water pan

Helps to regulate the temperature, ensuring moist and tender food. The water also adds humidity, allowing the smoke flavours to penetrate deeper.

Access Door

Access door

Allows you to refuel during a long cook, using just the access door so not disturbing the food.

Must have accessories

Chimney Starter Set

The Chimney Starter Set contains our innovative Rapidfire Chimney Starter, longer lasting briquettes and lighter cubes, for fast and fuss free lighting of your barbecue.

Cleaning Set

With our range of specially designed cleaning fluids, it's easy to keep your whole barbecue sparkling clean and looking as good as new.

Wood Chunks

From Apple to Cherry, Mesquite to Hickory, our wide choice of flavoured wood chunks will give your smoked food a delicious and distinctive taste.


Always keep an eye on your food's temperature with our accurate and easy to use range of digital thermometers.

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