Summit® Charcoal

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We proudly introduce our new and long-awaited top-of-the-line barbecue, the Weber® Summit® Charcoal.
After 60 years of innovation, the Weber® Summit® Charcoal barbecue is ready to shine in your garden. 

You can do everything on the Summit® Charcoal smoking, roasting, baking and grilling.

RRP £1499.00/ €1999.00

Article No. 18301004

The Summit® Charcoal is available exclusively at Weber® World Stores.

Key Features

  • Air-insulated double-walled lid & bowl
  • Rapidfire Lid Damper
  • Smoke / Low-and-Slow vent setting
  • Two-Position Fuel Grate
  • Hinged Diffuser Plate

Fuel Type

Charcoal Charcoal

Available Colours:


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Features & Benefits

Air insulation and consistent temperatures

Air acts as an insulator and thereby provides consistent temperatures thought the entire cooking process.

Chimney Starter and vent in one

Functions as the Weber® lid vent, but the air flow can be boosted, so the temperature can increase quickly and it gives you ultimate temperature control.

Perfect for different cooking methods

The two-position fuel grate provides flexibility whether you are smoking, cooking with indirect heat or searing over direct heat.

Perfect for Low-and-Slow

The smoke / low-and-slow vent setting allows the right amount of air for smoking. Perfect for food that needs more than 3 or 4 hours of low temperature.

Consistent low temperatures for slow cooking

Helps maintain consistent low temperatures for slow cooking. It deflects the heat so you can keep your temperature low and consistent for many hours.

Gas ignition for your charcoal

The Snap-Jet ignition is easy and fast - with a simple push and turn of the knob. It ignites the briquettes or charcoal within 15 minutes.

Check the temperature at a glance

With the lid mounted thermometer you can check the temperature inside the barbecue easily without lifting the lid.

Robust and easy to open

The combination of hinge and springe makes it easy to open and close the lid, with just one hand.

Light and optimise heat reflection

The aluminium lid liner makes the lid lighter to lift and also optimises the heat reflection inside the barbecue.

Infinite cooking possibilities

The stainless steel GBS® grate has a removable centre section, allowing you to cook a wide variety of food using the GBS® accessories.

Hassle free ash disposal

The stainless steel One-Touch® cleaning system makes emptying your ash bowl clean, quick and simple.

Must have accessories

Cleaning Set

With our range of specially designed cleaning fluids, it's easy to keep your whole barbecue sparkling clean and looking as good as new.


Always keep an eye on your food's temperature with our accurate and easy to use range of digital thermometers.